Product and Team Overview

Our product, team, and capabilities

How It Works

We provide integrated actionable information for line operators in your factory, manufacturing and quality engineers throughout the facility, and managers working locally or remotely.

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Help your operators, engineers, and managers get trained for skill better, cheaper, and faster.

Give employees a sense of wholeness

Real-time navigation and reporting help you acquire, integrate, and present real-time data for all the five M's of production: men, machines, materials, methods, and money. Help your operators see their work's impact on your whole line, and your managers see small things that affect the big picture, in real time.

Train decades of know-how in real time

Real-time communication makes it possible to identify changes to the production line right away, be they product changes or machine errors, and direct your employees to the relevant instructions to adapt to the situation. Team members no longer need years to become capable of running your factory effectively.

Be more efficient with better quality

Reacting to changes in real time, or communicating to your employees PROACTIVELY, BEFORE events occur, reduce your downtime from setup changes and increase your product quality. Offer faster lead times to your customers, with fewer quality escapes. Continuously improve your process with more data. 

What Our Platform Enables


data in one place

We have built in the ability to integrate, configure, and transform data from a wide variety of sources, even ones you may have installed specific to your factory.


all data together

Nominal and actual data can be compared with simple real-time KPI calculations, advanced SPC, or machine learning tools including real-time computer vision.


end-to-end enabling tech

Our solution offers the full software stack from data collection to display, with no downloads required and without you needing to hire a software team.


with us and with each other

Our team has decades of expertise in manufacturing, software, and data analysis. We want to adapt our tools and support to your business and your team.

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