The IndustrialML founding team comes from a range of operating and engineering backgrounds and has seen firsthand how factories struggle to merge data from fragmented sources. In our previous roles at various corporate factories, we could never generate statistics fast enough and noticed that most engineers were not trained in machine learning. We also learned many of the nuances unique to manufacturing environments - the difficulty communicating across stakeholders and languages, the difficulty in making even simple changes if they disrupted production, and above all, the fact that every factory has its own little quirks, which enterprise software solutions need to account for.

We began working on the IndustrialML platform in partnership with one to ONE Holdings in 2019, developing and testing features with their steel tubing companies Daiwa Steel Tube Industries in Japan and Daiwa Lance International in Vietnam. Over the past few years, we have been lucky to hone our solution not in a lab or on our own, but by seeing its impact in real factories. We built our engineering team in Japan to be close to our development partners at Daiwa, and we learned to operate remotely, and transnationally, as travel became restricted due to COVID-19.

Now, our company and project leaders include alumni from MIT and Caltech, and we have grown into a team of software, data, and manufacturing experts from around the world.


Arjun Chandar
Founder & CEO
Jason Truesdell
Executive Director & Principal Software Architect
Shin Nakamura
Director & Launch Partner


Jacob Chae
Amine Frioua
Ann-Loy Morgan
Saša Seleš
LaShawn Toyoda

Our Development Partner

one to ONE Holdings is a group of companies that has provided innovative engineered products, services, and solutions for the steel tube manufacturing market for 90 years. It is expanding its focus to Industry 4.0/DX solutions for the secondary steel market together with IML. o2Oh has factories in Japan and Vietnam, a sales presence in India, and an engineering firm, Superior Technologies, in the United States which has built inline galvanized steel tube lines around the world for nearly four decades.

Supporting Programs


Program Manager (Manufacturing Software)

Responsible for implementing, monitoring, maintaining, and documenting software initiatives that provide meaningful production improvements for manufacturing environments.

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