High-volume factories with legacy equipment are an afterthought for most technology providers. For us, it’s our focus. No more disorganized software platforms that require an entire IT team and multiple systems to deploy successfully. No more computing solutions meant only for PhD data scientists. We deliver end-to-end solutions for your key stakeholders.

Featured Industry: Steel Tubes

Upgrade your production line to 100% visual inspection. Identify burns, inconsistencies in galvanizing thickness, scratches, or leftover scale in real-time. Identify right away when your line speeds, welding settings, or galvanizing settings need to change. Cut your scrap in half and keep production stoppages to a minimum.

We developed our beta platform in partnership with the one to ONE Holdings companies Daiwa Steel Tube Industries in Japan and Daiwa Lance International in Vietnam. See our case study below detailing the solution implementation and benefits:

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