Making Factories Smarter

Enable real-time continuous learning across the factory

The tools to provide your plant floor with real-time know-how at critical times

Our award-winning enterprise SaaS platform integrates and analyzes human, machine, and material data from all your factory data sources and operating manuals, and then provides the tools for your plant floor personnel to learn and act on that information right away.

The 3 Steps to Better Factory Floor Decision-Making


Real-time setup data from your ERP systems and production data from your sensors, software, and cameras, integrated together. Real-time calculations and analysis applied. Data and KPIs presented on intuitive dashboards customized for operators, engineers, or managers. Gain a real-time sense of wholeness of the state of the factory, no matter your role.


Real-time notification system for both general information and critical alerts. Flexible priority levels and multiple conditions based on multiple data sources. Notifications sent to email, Slack, SMS, or text-to-speech audio, with custom messages by destination. Provide your decades of know-how to all your team members in real time, at the time that they need it.


Persistent storage of captured data, calculations, and machine learning results on secure servers, cloud or local. Simple report generation with just a few button clicks, over any time range. Ability to combine data from all available sources to create custom reports and analysis. Set up your production line for future success by obtaining deeper insights and analysis.

Integrate All of Your Data

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